Americans for the Arts expresses its gratitude to the many people across the country who made Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 possible and assisted with its development, coordination, and production. A study of this scale cannot be completed without the collaboration of many partnering organizations and individuals.

National AEP6 Partners

The following national organizations partner with Americans for the Arts to help public and private-sector leaders understand the economic and social benefits that the arts bring to their communities, states, and the nation.

Research Partners

Special thanks to each of our 297 local, regional, and statewide research partners who contributed time, heart, and financial support toward the completion of this study. We thank each one of them. AEP6 would not have been possible without them. Thanks also to the New England Foundation for the Arts and SMU DataArts for their collaboration and contributions to the data collection effort.

AEP6 Equity Task Force

The AEP6 Equity Task Force provided invaluable advisory support and guidance through the study. Their insights and expertise are reflected in everything from the methodology to the survey design to community engagement tools used by local partners to language usage and narrative messaging of the report, thereby helping to ensure the inclusion of BIPOC and ALAANA arts and culture organizations and communities in the study. The Task Force has enabled Americans for the Arts to begin to turn around its history of underrepresenting BIPOC and ALAANA arts and culture organizations as part of the AEP studies. We are most grateful.

  • Sandra Aponte, Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation
  • Suzan Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County
  • Angie Durrell, Founder and Executive Director, INTEMPO
  • Mark Cardwell, Founder, Ohio Marketing Association
  • Elisheba Johnson, Curator, Wa Na Wari
  • Monica Montgomery, Social Justice Curator, Museum Consultant, Community Engager
  • Sally Dix, Executive Director, Bravo Greater Des Moines
  • Jeremy Johnson, President and CEO, Assembly for the Arts
  • David Pankratz, Arts Policy and Research Advisor

Miles Partnership

  • Melissa Cherry, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Senior Vice President
  • Najauna White, Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Juan F. Vargas, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Account Director

Americans for the Arts Staff

A study of this magnitude is a total organization effort. Appreciation is extended to the entire staff and board of Americans for the Arts. The Research Department was responsible for the production of this study—Benjamin Davidson, Dr. Genna Styles-Lyas, and Randy Cohen.


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