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Total Expenditures:
The total dollars spent by your nonprofit arts and cultural organization and its audiences; event-related spending by cultural audiences is estimated using the average dollars spent per person, per event by cultural attendees in similarly populated communities.

Jobs (Employment):
Employment data in IMPLAN is an annual average headcount of full time, part time, and seasonal employment. Note that a person can hold more than one job, so the job count is not necessarily the same as the count of employed persons. While IMPLAN employment adjusts for seasonality, it does not indicate the number of hours worked per day. It is not, therefore, equal to full time equivalents. This is the same definition used by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Regional Economic Accounts and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Employment and Wages.

Household Income:
The total dollars paid to community residents as a result of the expenditures made by your arts and cultural organization and/or its audiences. Household income includes salaries, wages, and entrepreneurial income paid to residents. It is the money residents earn and use to pay for food, shelter, utilities, and other living expenses.

Government Revenue:
The total dollars received by local, state and federal governments as a result of the expenditures made by your arts and cultural organization and/or its audiences. Government revenue includes revenue from local and state taxes (e.g., income, sales, lodging, real estate, personal property) as well as funds from license fees, utility fees, filing fees, and other similar sources. Local government revenue includes funds to governmental units such as city, county, township, and school districts, and other special districts.

When using estimates derived from this calculator, always keep the following caveats in mind: (1) the results of this analysis are based upon the averages of similarly populated communities, (2) a unique input-output model was customized for each of these similarly populated communities, providing very specific employment, household income, and government revenue data, and (3) your results are therefore estimates, and should not be used as a substitute for conducting an economic impact study that is customized for your community.